RLDA Analyst (Road Load Data Acquisition) View +
  • Location : Baner, Pune
  • Department : Analysis Led Design
  • Qualification : BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience : 2-5 years
Roles & Responsibilities
  • To receive the measured data from field and store it properly..
  • To receive the measured data from field and store it properly.
  • To analyse the field measurements and make reports in ppt.
  • To correlate the engine RPMs, vibration signals and noise signals
  • To create accelerated test specifications for the parts under study
  • Knowledge  of  Vibration Basics
  • Knowledge of Sensors
  • Knowledge of Glyphworks, nCode
  • Knowledge of Signal Analysis, Signal Processing with preferably automotive Background
Design Engineer (Plastics) View +
  • Location : Baner, Pune
  • Department : Engineering
  • Qualification : BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience : 4-8 years
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Design of plastic Components
  • Agreement on design concept with Technical Marketing and Engineering
  • Work on new Enquiry/NPD project  as per PLM process flow
  • Review existing available solutions and new and select the right one
  • To design required components as per performance parameters
  • To generate error free drawings
  • Designing the product with DFMEA and Design calculation and agreed DVP
  • Submission of model and drawing to Customer
  • Fitment sign off with Customer
  • Fitment check of proto with Customer
  • Sign off with Customer
  • Basic engineering
  • Basic of engine
  • PRO-e/Creo
  • Manufacturing process(Sheet metal, plastic)
  • Quality process
Project Engineer for Dharwad projects View +
  • Location : Baner, Pune(travelling to Dharwad if required)
  • Qualification : BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience : 10-15yrs
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Understand CSR and arrive at Customer due date
  • Prepare plan to meet customer due date
  • Monitoring the existing process for cost and stability
  • Identifying and monitoring critical controls of existing process for stability
  • Study and evaluation of new process for same type of product/work
  • Calculation of cost – capability of new process
  • Gathering information for stability of new process
  • Development of new machine/ equipment / process as per control plan – with POKAYOKE
  • Monitoring the new process for cost and stability, develop alternate process
  • Understanding of tolerances and dimensioning, fits
  • Basic knowledge of process required for producing filters
  • Basic knowledge of fixtures, materials, cutting tools
  • PFMEA / Control plan
  • SPC
Test Engineer View +
  • Department : R & D
  • Location : Nandur
  • Qualification :BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience :1-5 yrs
  • Age :25 – 34
Roles & Responsibilities
  • To discuss the Test Report and Test Objective and add comments on the test request accordingly
  • To make test setup according to test standards
  • To observe where the test is not giving correct results and elevate to the concerned HoD
  • To record the test results and cross check with all the past available results/products
  • To get the acknowledgement for the test results from the requestor and close the loop
  • Test stand awareness
  • Awareness of Test Request Form and its contents
  • Awareness of International standard and Work Instruction/SOP for relevant test stands
  • Product knowledge and treatability of samples as per NABL clause
  • Periodic and preventive Maintenance knowledge of test stand