Every engine manufacturer has their own recommendations for the maximum allowable initial (clean system) restriction for the air intake system, which includes upstream (dirty side) and downstream (clean side) ducting and Air Cleaner Assembly. To ensure that system restriction is as low as possible it is necessary to design and manufacture air intake systems keeping in mind all the components that goes in to the air intake systems.
The followings are key components in an Air Intake System:

  • Rain-Hoods / Weather Hoods -Protects entry of heavy dust particles and water in the system.
  • Hoses – Ensures that the design account for full relative motion and provide leak-proof and flexible joints
  • Clamps – Ensures air tight joints between hose and housing unit pipes
  • Air Cleaner Housing with primary and safety filters – Removes the dust and dirt coming from the air intake.
  • Restriction Indicators -For preventive maintenance practice and to automatically monitor the performance of air filter a restriction indicator is essential
  • Types of Restriction Indicators
    1. Mechanical
    2. Electro – Mechanical
    3. Electrical
  • Dust Cap / Evacuator Valve – It ensures dust evacuation from air cleaner and pre-cleaner.
  • MAF (Mass Airflow Sensors) – MAF ensures correct signal is provided to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) so that there is proper proportion of clean air and fuel to attain fuel economy.