Pre Cleaners

Fleetguard Pre-Cleaners are state-of-the-art products that reduce maintenance cost and increase the efficiency of the air intake system. They are recommended for heavy duty equipments which operate in severe dust conditions, typically in segments such as construction, farming, mining, automotive and similar applications.

Positioned at the beginning of the air intake, air pre-cleaners eject the majority of dust/dirt particles that are heavier than air thus, maintaining engine performance over a longer period.


EJECTTM increases equipment uptime by extending Air Filter life phenomenally.


  • Reduces downtime and operating cost
  • High impact polymer for durability
  • Lightweight
  • Lower air restriction thus, increases usable power and improves fuel efficiency
  • Maintenance free
  • Ejects all kinds of mixed debris including mud, snow, rain, leaves, sawdust, chaff and dust
  • Pre cleans continually



Extends Air Filter life with see-through bowl for easy maintenance.


  • Increases equipment uptime by extending Air Filter life
  • Ingestive type pre-cleaner
  • Collects all separated debris/dust in a see-through bowl.
  • Dust removal efficiency 70%min. as per the standard test conditions.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Bowl can be emptied as per instruction on service label by just opening the wing nut, no separate tool required.
  • Bowl made durable using heavy-duty polymer.
  • Increased UV protection to prevent cracking and discoloration.