Filters for Compressor & Vacuum Pump

Filters for Rotary Screw Compressor
Fleetguard-Filtrum design, develop and manufacture a diversified range of Filters required for Rotary Screw Compressor Fleetguard Filtrum product range includes replacement Air Oil Separator cartridges, spin-on Air Oil Separator , Inline filters Housing assembly ranging from 60m³/h to 2760m³/h. Fleetguard – Filtrum uses wide range of fiberglass media which gives very fine Separation of oil from compressed air up to 3 mg/m³ through Air Oil Separator. Also filtration of compressed air through inline filtration up to 0.01 µm including range of different type auto drain valve and Pressure differential indicators. Filters for compressor includes - Air Oil Separator & Inline Filter.

Filters for Vacuum Pump
Fleetguard- filtrum product range includes air cleaner assembly ranging from 25m³/h to 500 m³/h within the type of cellulose, wire mesh and pet. Also provides exhaust oil mist separator which remove finely dispersed oil droplets from the air stream leaving the exhaust of the vacuum pump. The filter elements must be replaced at regular intervals as they become blocked with sediment from the vacuum process. Filters for vacuum pump include - Air Cleaner Assembly & Oil Mist Separator.