Fleetguard Coolants – Keep Your Engine Cool

Is your vehicle’s engine experiencing heightened temperatures and signs of struggling? It clearly indicates that your vehicle’s critical components require immediate and attentive care. Here’s how coolants, a specialized fluid that circulates through your engine, can help it remain within its designated optimal operating temperature. How coolants work Engines are the powerhouse of vehicles, but […]

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

Response To New Components Developments The robust system and processes put in place at your end have resulted in the consistent development of quality products with very low lead time. We appreciate the excellent work done by you to develop “First Time Right” Products at a pace which compliments KOEL expectations.

Maintenance of Diesel Engine Coolant Systems

It is estimated that the failure of an engine coolant system is one of the key factors for the engine downtime. The diesel engines today emit more heat than their predecessors, requiring better cooling mechanisms than ever before.  They require a fully formulated, premixed, glycol based coolant containing a heavy duty additive package and de-ionized […]

The Role Of Fuel Module In Fuel Filtration

The implementation of tougher environmental norms and the need for sustainable and green initiatives are significantly influencing the fuel industry. The exclusion of sulfur from traditional diesel fuels to produce purer burning combustibles and the introduction of bio-ethanol are posing newer challenges in the particle, water, and soft organic contaminants filtration. Additionally, new and sophisticated […]

Filtrum Spares

Filtrum has been servicing the Indian automotive industry for more than a decade. Since its inception, Filtrum has always offered best in class products and services of the next generation to address complicated problems of the automotive industry. We are leading the Indian aftermarket by offering a diverse range of automotive spares and components which […]

Importance and Working of Coolants in Heavy Duty Vehicles

Engine Coolant is a generic term used to describe fluids that remove excess heat from engine. An integral part of all HDV engines, the engine coolant remove excess heat from the Internal combustion engine by transferring heat into the atmosphere via the radiator. It maintains the temperature of the engine, thereby preventing major mechanical failures. […]

Fleetguard Lube Filter

Lube Filters

Lube Oil carries out a number of very important tasks: Lubrication on Engine Components Dissipating Heat Forming a seal between the cylinder wall and the piston rings Cleaning internal surfaces Transporting debris to the Filter 1. Full Flow Filtration – Where all of the oil pump output is filtered before going to the engine. Fleetguard […]