Gasket Maker


Room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone is a rubber silicone compound used for sealing, coating, and airborne potting. Filtrum RTV can fill the maximum gap up to 6 mm and is formulated with excellent dielectric properties for better performance.

Filtrum RTV - Gasket maker forms an elastic rubber bond that helps in providing superior protection against environmental conditions, stress, ultraviolet degradation as well as from mechanical and thermal shocks.

Benefits of Filtrum RTV - Gasket maker:

Excellent resistance to rust and oxidation

Reluctant to water washout

Excellent resistance to heat and vibration

No odour

Rapid fix

Withstands high temperature and pressure

Filtrum RTV - Gasket maker is recommended for all On and Off-highway applications and it is available in Red RTV & Grey RTV - 85 GMS, 25 GMS

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