Lube Filters



Lube Oil carries out a number of very important tasks:

Lubrication on Engine Components

Dissipating Heat

Forming a seal between the cylinder wall and the piston rings

Cleaning internal surfaces

Transporting debris to the Filter

1. Full Flow Filtration - Where all of the oil pump output is filtered before going to the engine. Fleetguard filters have some of the most advanced full-flow oil filters in the industry, with both cellulose and synthetic filter media and covering all brands of engines. A standard full-flow oil filter cannot remove all of the harmful contaminants and still provide adequate filter life.

StrataPore- was introduced in the full flow section to work in combination with the stacked discs to remove the smallest dirt particles, which cause the most engine damage. This configuration reduces engine wear by as much as 60% in some applications.

2. By - Pass Filtration By-Pass filters are used in the by-pass circuit of the engine to ensure continuous cleaning of the oil. The by-pass filtration led the way for today's advanced lube filtration systems, which provide increased engine life overall service intervals.

3. Venturi- Combo System Venturi, a combination of full-flow and by-pass oil filter, referred to as the Combo filter; is a unique arrangement of filtration functions in one single filter. These filters are standard equipment on several modern diesel engines and are up to four times more effective in removing harmful particles and sludge from the oil. Using StrataPore synthetic filter media, the Venturi Combo filters provide a perfect balance between efficiency, real-world life and low restriction to oil flow.

4. The Next Generation of Lube Filtration

With advanced research and media manufacturing capabilities, Fleetguard has developed nanofiber media for lube filters.

NanoNet- Media Technology: The pairing of NanoNet media with StrataPore media has created a new breed of lube filter that offers higher efficiency, higher capacity and the best cold flow vs. restriction available

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