Universal Joint Cross (UJ Cross)

Filtrum UJCross

Filtrum Universal Joint Cross is made by using premium metal to provide longer service life and strength.

The function of Filtrum UJ Cross is to maintain uniform motion between the rotating shafts by coupling the stiff metal rods and allowing the shaft to move flexibly in angular directions.

Filtrum UJ Cross is made of premium 20Mncr5 grade steel which gives strength. In addition, it prevents corrosion and similar environmental deterioration.

Benefits of Filtrum Universal Joint Cross:

  • Stronger body for longer life.
  • U J Cross cups are processed by cold forging for increased strength.
  • High quality seals avoid leakage of grease and restricts water & dust entry.
  • Longer service life
  • Needle lock to prevent the needle to come out at the time of installation.

Filtrum has a wide range of Universal Joint Cross for all On-highway application.

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