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Assure all-weather protection from Engine overheating with Fleetguard’s top-quality range of Fleetguard Coolants.

Every time an engine or piece of equipment starts and stops, wear and tear occurs, and over time, this wear and tear increases exponentially. However, Fleetguard Coolant Filters promise to safeguard the engine by trapping impurities. By dispersing more coolant additives into the cooling system, the delayed-release coolant pellets replenish the cooling system. 40% -60% of all engine problems have their origin in the cooling system due to improper maintenance practices. However, with Fleetguard’s coolants, you can shield the cooling system against oxidation, corrosion, pitting, scaling, and clogging, maintaining equipment uptime. To satisfy the various demands of our clients, the Fleetguard line of coolant solutions employs a variety of innovative technologies. All coolants are designed to work in conjunction with Fleetguard water filters, supplemental coolant additives, radiator cleaners, and test strips.

Additionally, our cleaners keep your equipment’s cooling system in top condition by removing contaminants without harming metal surfaces, gaskets, hoses, or plastic parts. That’s why Fleetguard coolants are the most preferred solution in the market.

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