Established in 1987, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) has emerged as a prominent leader in the filtration solutions sector for both On and Off-highway applications. In collaboration with Atmus Filtration Technologies (earlier Cummins Filtration U.S.A). FFPL is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra since its inception and has embarked on a remarkable journey characterised by sustained growth and expansion. Over the years, FFPL has strategically expanded its operations, consistently catering to diverse OEM requirements and the needs of end-users.
FFPL’s first manufacturing facility commenced operations in 1992 in Pune, laying a solid foundation for the business. Building on this success Jamshedpur operation commenced in 2003 followed by Hosur in 2005, further extending our geographical reach across the country.
In 2010, FFPL set up an operational facility in Sitarganj, solidifying our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers followed by Dharwad operations unit in 2016 and our most recent state-of-the-art, technologically advanced unit in Jamshedpur in the year 2022 reflecting our dedication to progress and innovation. At FFPL, we prioritise proximity to our customers by strategically locating our operational facilities to ensure prompt deliveries. Our exceptional record, boasting a 99.99% delivery rating, serves as a confirmation of our steadfast dedication to reliability and customer satisfaction.
In addition to serving the domestic market with excellence, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) proudly extends its expertise and solutions to global clientele. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, FFPL exports filtration solutions and more to nine countries worldwide. Our dedication to exceeding customer expectations transcends geographical boundaries, as we continuously strive to deliver cutting-edge technology and services to international markets. This global outreach underscores FFPL's position as a trusted leader in the filtration solutions industry. 

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  • To prosper year over year across all of our marketplaces in order to elicit value for our stakeholders.


  • Establish our employees’ job priorities in order to foster the ultimate results.
  • Ensure that we have the best-in-class productivity.
  • Make our services always accessible and approachable in all geographies, at all times.
  • Being market-ready and offering services and tools that are ahead of trend
  • Use the TOC concept as our sole organizational management instrument.
  • Follow corporate procedures/systems as envisioned


  • Integrity: We pledge to keep our word, stick to our commitments, and act professionally at all times.
  • Ethical Conduct: We vow to never offer or accept bribes of any kind.
  • Honor and Respect for others: We are devoted to treating people with respect, without ever causing them to feel offended.

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Mr. Niranjan Kirloskar has been at the helm of Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) as its Managing Director since 2002 and previously grew through the ranks in the organisation starting as a trainee. With a focus on strategic planning, fostering collaborations, and joint ventures, he has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company. Mr. Niranjan has a clear vision identifies and capitalises on emerging opportunities with keen business acumen, further strengthening the company's market position. Under his leadership, the organization has recorded a continuous accelerated growth rate over the years, expanding manufacturing bases pan India and ensuring robust supply chain mechanism.

Niranjan Kirloskar

Managing Director

Mr. Sanjay Kulkarni, a distinguished and accomplished leader with a career spanning over 25 years in the filtration industry, has spearheaded the company's growth. Sanjay is known for his people-focused leadership style in addition to his professional accomplishments. He is resolute about creating a safe working environment for all employees, as well as fostering a culture of collaboration and growth. He is a firm believer in the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and has successfully instilled this methodology within the workforce, nurturing the company's potential and propelling it toward continuous improvement.

Sanjay Kulkarni


Mr. Vijay Gokhale is the Executive Vice President (Sales) at Fleetguard Filters Private Limited. An ardent professional who joined Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) in 2001. His business expertise combined with over three and a half decades of experience in management and operations add immense value to FFPL’s business. A poised personality with exceptional customer orientation skills he leads his function with innovation and impeccable management style. He established FFPL’s Core brand proposition of “Ultimate Protection Increases Engine Life” in the retail market. Making it the value buying message for retail customers.

Vijay Gokhale

Executive Vice President (Sales)

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Theory of Constraints

The Theory of Constraints, or TOC, is the cornerstone upon which Fleetguard’s philosophy and commitment to steady improvement are designed and constructed. TOC is a process-driven method that we thrive on and is the true symbol of our evolution, benevolence, and pledge for the future. This philosophy has given us the leeway we need to work with the best and cutting-edge tools and prosper in the business world of today. Despite having a vast distribution network across India, TOC has allowed us to develop a reliable delivery approach. With no downtime for our clients, it makes it easier to provide the right products at the right time and location.


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At Fleetguard India (FFPL), we understand that Research and development (R&D) plays an important role in a company’s success. The world is continually progressing through scientific inventions and discoveries that require years of dedicated effort to yield results. This is why R&D is a cornerstone for making an organization future-ready.

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