Centre Bearing

Filtrum Centre Bearing is spearheading the market as these are made of RMA-1 graded rubber to increase durability and for better performance wherever low vibration is required despite heavy load. Filtrum Centre Bearing is a sealed bearing with EP 2 Grease embedded in it. This provides extra protection and longer service life.

Filtrum Centre Bearing provides smooth rotation along with the ability to absorb vibration for better performance of the engine. The process of preparation makes Filtrum Centre Bearing different from others. These are manufactured by method of injection moulding, with no chances of air bubble formation and hence better quality of product is achieved.

Benefits of Filtrum Centre Bearing:

  • Extra protection from dust and water
  • Sealed bearing with EP 2 grease
  • Extended service life
  • Injection moulding process for robust product quality
  • High vibration absorption capability
  • Low maintenance
  • No contamination
  • No chance of over-lubrication

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