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Fleetguard Coolants – Keep Your Engine Cool

Is your vehicle's engine experiencing heightened temperatures and signs of struggling? It clearly indicates that your vehicle’s critical components require immediate and attentive care.

Here’s how coolants, a specialized fluid that circulates through your engine, can help it remain within its designated optimal operating temperature.

How coolants work

Engines are the powerhouse of vehicles, but they can heat up due to the ongoing combustion cycle! When a vehicle is in motion, it produces a lot of heat, which can result in engine damage. Coolants play a key role in keeping your engine cool and its performance on point. This fluid circulates through the engine, absorbing excess heat and maintaining an optimal operating temperature. A well-regulated engine is a fulfilled engine, ensuring top-notch efficiency and longevity.

Diverse coolant varieties

Now that you know what role coolants play, let’s talk about the different types available - Conventional, Hybrid, and OAT (Organic Additive Technology). Conventional coolants offer robust protection against freezing and overheating, while Hybrid coolants are a combination of traditional and organic compounds catering to a wide range of engines. With their extended lifespan and eco-friendly properties, OAT coolants are the avant-garde of coolant technology, providing exceptional corrosion protection.

Know when it’s time to change your coolant

Your vehicle communicates its needs through subtle signs. Always keep an eye on the engine’s temperature gauge. Replace the coolant if you notice it adopting a rust-like, reddish colour. Regular maintenance is key; changing or topping up your coolant should be on your to-do list when your vehicle is being serviced. But how often, you ask? It varies, but a general rule of thumb is every 48,000 km (30,000 miles) or 2 to 5 years, depending on the coolant type and your vehicle's usage.

Fleetguard Coolants: The trusted choice

When it comes to choosing the right coolant, Fleetguard stands tall as the preferred solution in the market due to our unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to engine well-being. Fleetguard's line of coolant products ensures top-tier temperature control and provides exceptional corrosion protection, extending your engine's life. With a range of formulations catering to diverse engine needs, we are your engine's best friend.

Here is a comprehensive range of coolants that Fleetguard offers that are designed to meet your diverse automotive needs.:

1. Conventional:

  • Fleetcool XB Premixed Coolant
  • Fleetcool XB Concentrate Coolant
  • Fleetcool HD Concentrate/Premix

2. Hybrid:

  • Compleat EG 50:50 Premixed Coolant
  • ES Compleat NOAT Concentrate/Premix Coolant

3. OAT:

  • ES Compleat OAT Concentrate/Premix Coolant

Coolants play a vital role in maintaining the engine's performance. They prevent overheating and contribute to improved efficiency, serving as essential protectors for your vehicle's engine. Show your engine the care it needs by ensuring it remains cool and safeguarded by Fleetguard.

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