We are known to our customers for designing and developing specially customized products adhering to their filtration and engine peripheral problems. Our diverse manufacturing capabilities combined with our commitment over the years have established us as the most trusted and preferred supplier by most of the engine manufacturers in the country.

The Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system ensures availability at all times and saves huge losses incurred due to downtime.



Besides being the first choice of the Automotive and Industrial OEMs, Fleetguard Filters enjoy the loyalty of its channel partners for making its products available across the country with its network of 210+ distributors, 32000+ retailers, and 80000+ mechanics.

Fleetguard Filters follows the replenishment system throughout its supply chain. This ensures near 100% availability of all parts at different links in the chain at minimum levels of inventory. Distributors and retailers of Fleetguard products enjoy an unparalleled return on investment and high availability at all times. Moreover, they do not have to bear the pressure of carrying high stocks. All this is supported through an experienced sales force 55+ Area Growth Professionals, 500+ Distributor Sales Representatives and 355+ Mechanic Sales Representatives.