Test Engineer

  • Department : R & D
  • Location : Nandur
  • Qualification :BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience :1-5 yrs
  • Age :25 – 34
Roles & Responsibilities
  • To discuss the Test Report and Test Objective and add comments on the test request accordingly
  • To make test setup according to test standards
  • To observe where the test is not giving correct results and elevate to the concerned HoD
  • To record the test results and cross check with all the past available results/products
  • To get the acknowledgement for the test results from the requestor and close the loop
  • Test stand awareness
  • Awareness of Test Request Form and its contents
  • Awareness of International standard and Work Instruction/SOP for relevant test stands
  • Product knowledge and treatability of samples as per NABL clause
  • Periodic and preventive Maintenance knowledge of test stand