Health checkup camp at Nandur (Pune)

FFPL has always believed that health is of the greatest importance and extends the same help wherever necessary. One health checkup camp was conducted for students of Z P School, Nandur, and one was conducted for villagers in Nandur.

The main objective of the health camp was to raise awareness about cleanliness, health and hygiene. Most of the villagers over the age of 50 had cataracts, and many students were malnourished and had fungal infections.

Doctors from Vishwaraj Hospital, Loni, also conducted a counseling session for all the villagers. A total of 237 villagers and students attended the camp.

Health checkup camp – 2 days

As an organization, FFPL has always given priority to health and safety of all its employees and workers. FFPL organized a two-day health checkup for its workers in Sitarganj in cooperation with Anand hospital & Research center. A total number of 75 workers underwent the health checkup.

Eye checkup camp for 2 days

FFPL organized a two-day eye check-up camp for Jamshedpur workers free of charge. It was organized in association with Purnima Netralaya. A total number of 110 workers benefited from the camp.

Covid – 19 protection kit distribution

We all have experienced the severity of the current pandemic and the impact it had various cadres of society. The transport sector was no exception, and FFPL under its CSR wing decided to distribute safety kits to mechanics, retailers, and transporters across India. The kits include a sanitizer and a mask that will protect you against COVID-19. Since it is an ongoing activity, our associates are working continuously to reach out to as many mechanics, retailers, and transporters as possible to ensure their safety in times of pandemic.

No. of kits distributed: 1, 75, 924

Safety kits to asha workers, Daund, Pune

ASHA workers act as intermediaries between the public health system and the community. These workers are many a time exposed to various environments, where basic hygiene issues prevail. Taking in account the basic implications it may cause, FFPL distributed 20 kits comprising of Temperature Gun, Oximeter, Masks, Sanitizer and Sun coats to workers experiencing a shortage of Covid Safety gear.

Distribution of temperature guns to new upgrade high school in jamshedpur

Temperature guns have become an essential equipment during the pandemic. It came across that some schools seem to be lacking the necessary safety equipment. As part of FFPL’s school safety initiatives, two temperature guns were donated to New Upgrade High School, Jamshedpur.

Distribution of safety equipment to hospital staff

In the face of this pandemic, the Ground Zero Team has been working round the clock to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Considering the severity of the situation and the front line team’s working conditions, FFPL distributed 500 Nitrile gloves, 15 cans of Sanitizer (5 liters), and 100 face shields to the staff of Marathe Hospital, Uruli Kanchan, and Loni. COVID-19 safety guidelines were followed by associates involved in the distribution of safety equipment.

Safety kits distribution to waste pickers, jamshedpur

FFPL has always included diverse projects under its CSR umbrella catering to all cadre of society. One such project FFPL conducted was distribution of 350 safety kits containing hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves to waste pickers in Jamshedpur to ensure basic hygiene for them is provided during these sensitive times. FFPL associates and the local officials went one-step ahead and educated these waster pickers about hygiene, health, and safety parameters.

Safety kit distribution to frontline workers (waste pickers of swatch ngo), pune

There is a massive risk of disease exposure for waste pickers, especially in the Covid- 19 pandemic. In spite of all the odds, these frontline workers continue to collect waste and keep the locality clean, hygienic, and safe.

With their safety in mind, FFPL distributed 540 safety kits to these front-line fighters, which included a mask, sanitizer, hand gloves and a raincoat.

Distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to front-line warriors

Despite the magnitude of the pandemic, medical professionals have been working around the clock to improve the current situation.

To honor these frontline warriors, FFPL distributed 1000 personal protective equipment kits in conjunction with government officials at hospitals in Loni, Khamgaon, Yavat, and Dharwad.

The officials and our associates involved in distributing PPE Kits followed all safety guidelines.