Initiatives to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

As we are aware the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the globe in a severe manner and every county, state and organization/establishment is doings its bit by extending a helping hand in the best possible way.

We at Fleetguard have always believed that it is our duty to give back to the society through various CSR projects/ activities and even now during these testing times in the pandemic, we have sincerely tried our optimal best to extend our help in all possible ways towards the COVID-19 front line warriors and the affected.

Providing food to daily wage laborers of Kolabira village, Jamshedpur (May 2020)

Kolabira in Jamshedpur is a village of daily wage laborers. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the daily wages of the laborers have stopped and which has affected them and their families majorly. Looking at the gravity of the situation, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited provided food to Kolabira villagers in the pandemic situation.

Distribution of essential commodities and awareness on COVID-19 to villagers of Nandur and Sahajpur, Pune (April 2020)

In the COVID 19 Pandemic, people below poverty line got majorly affected as their daily wages stopped due to lockdown. Fleetguard Filters Private Limited with the help from local Police officers, Sarpanch and officers from the revenue department distributed essential commodities (grocery items) to 500 families by adhering to social distancing norms and raised awareness amongst themon various preventive measures on COVID-19.

Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to Front-line warriors”(Aug-Sept 2020)

As we all are aware the scale of this pandemic is enormous, and all the medical staff is continuously working round the clock to improve the current situation. To ensure the safety of these frontline warriors, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited with the help of government officials distributed 1000 PPE kits to hospitals at Loni, Khamgaon, Yavat and Dharwad as a small token appreciation.
All our associates and officials involved in the distribution of PPE Kits followed the required safety norms.

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Daund area, Pune, Maharashtra – (April 2020)

Due to the rise in the number of COVID cases, Fleetguard in association with Pratibha Foundation (an NGO working towards community welfare in Daund region) distributed 20,000 masks & 1000 hand gloves to Asha workers (sanitation), Health workers, and government officials in Daund area as preventative and protective measures towards COVID-19.

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPE kits) for Government officials at Sitarganj (May 2020)

FFPL provided 300 PPE kits to Sidkul government officials who work in communities and hospitals as an effective preventive measure against COVID 19.

Safety kit distribution to frontline workers (Waste pickers of SWATCH NGO), Pune – ( Oct 2020)

In this Covid 19 pandemic, waste pickers are exposed to massive risk. Despite all odds, these frontline workers are continuing to do their job of collecting waste and keeping the locality clean, hygienic and safe. Keeping their safety in mind, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited decided to distribute safety kits to these frontline warriors. In total 540 safety kits were distributed, which included a mask, sanitizer, hand gloves and a raincoat.

Safety kits distribution to Waste Pickers, Jamshedpur (December -2020)

Fleetguard Filters Private Limited distributed 350 safety Kits consisting of a sanitizer, masks, hand gloves to waste pickers of Jamshedpur. FFPL associates along with the local officials Mr. Vinod Shrivastava (Mayor) educated them about hygiene, health and safety.

Distribution of Safety Equipment to Hospital staff (October 2020)

In this pandemic despite all odds, Ground Zero Team is working round the clock to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Looking at the gravity of the situation and the front line team’s working condition, FFPL distributed 500 Nitrile gloves, 15 cans of Sanitizer (5 ltrs.) and 100 face shields to staff of Marathe Hospital, Uruli Kanchan and Loni, Pune. Associates involved in distribution of safety equipment followed COVID – 19 safety guidelines.

Distribution of Temperature guns to New Upgrade High School in Jamshedpur– ( Dec 2020)

In this time of pandemic, temperature guns have become a necessity. There are certain schools that lack such basic safety equipments. FFPL donated two such temperature gun to New Upgrade High School, Jamshedpur to ensure a safe environment for children during school hours.