Safety Kit to ASHA WORKERS, Daund, Pune

Safety Kit ASHA WORKERS work as an interface between community and public health system. The workers were experiencing shortage of Covid Safety equipments, hence FFPL distributed 20 kits comprising of Temperature Gun, Oximeter, Masks, Sanitizer and Sun coats.

“covid – 19 Protection Kit Distribution ”(July – March 2020)

Looking at the gravity of the current pandemic and the working condition of our mechanics, Fleetguard Filters Private Limited decided to distribute safety kits to mechanics, retailers and transporters across India. These kits includes a Sanitizer and a mask, which will enableprotectionagainst COVID-19. It is an ongoing activity, where our associates are working towards reaching out to maximum number of mechanics, retailers and transporters.

No. of kits distributed: 1,75,924

Eye checkup camp for 2 days, Jamshedpur (December 2020)

FFPL conducted a two days eye checkup camp, free of cost for workers of Jamshedpur. It was organized in association with Purnima Netralaya. A total of 110 workers benefited from the camp.

Health Check up camp for 2 days, Sitarganj (December 2020)

FFPL conducted a two days health checkup camp with the help of Anand hospital & Research center for the workers of Sitarganj. A total of 75 workers underwent the health checkup.

Health checkup camp at Nandur( Jan 2021)

Health checkup camps were conducted for students of Z. P. School, Nandur and the other one for Villagers of Nandur.
The main objective of the health camp was to make them aware about Cleanliness, Health and Hygiene.
It was observed that majority of villagers above the age 50 were suffering from cataract and majority of student were malnourished and were suffering from fungal infection.
A counselling session was also conducted for all with the help of doctors from Vishwaraj Hospital, Loni. Total 237 villagers and students attended the camp.

Appreciation ceremony of Yavat Police personale, Daund, Pune(February 2021)

In these, though times during the pandemic situation, doctors, sanitation workers and Police officers are working round the clock to safeguard the community. In order to motivate and appreciate all their hard work FFPL conducted a felicitation ceremony for 80 Police officers of Yavat, Pune.
Appreciation certificate along with a Copper jar set were presented to the police officers to boost their morale and immunity.

Electronic and Plastic waste collection drive at all FFPL Plants (October –December 2020 )

With an aim to raise awareness amongst FFPL associateson the importance of E-waste and Plastic segregation, disposal, and reuse of electronic material and plastic waste a drive was conducted at all FFPL plant locations.

Nearly 112 Kg of plastic waste and 58 Kg of e waste was collected through the drive. The collected waste was handed over safely to recyclers in order to dispose them scientifically.

FFPL distributed Galvanized Rooftop Steel Sheets (Month – July 2020)

Cyclone Nisarga in coastal Maharashtra on June 3rd, left the Konkan region devasted. The wind effect was so strong that the roofs were blown away from many houses and a few no longer exists. Therefore, FFPL decided to give 100 TATA Shaktee Sheets to build their home. There were around 500 beneficiaries under this initiative.