Appreciation ceremony of yavat police personale, Pune

In these trying times of the pandemic, doctors, sanitation workers, and Police officers are working around the clock to keep the community safe. To recognize and reward their hard work, FFPL conducted a felicitation ceremony for 80 Police officers of Yavat, Pune.

Police officers were presented with an appreciation certificate and a copper jar set to boost their morale and immunity.


WASH is the collective term used for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene awareness and it explains the importance of personal hygiene to the school students from standard 1st to 8th.

‘Water, Sanitation and Hygiene’ These three core issues are interdependent in nature and hence grouped together under single campaign. WASH program is designed in an interactive and a playful way; considering the learning psychology of the young minds.

Water filter Plant at Wadu

Each person on earth requires at least 8 Liters of clean and safe water in a day for drinking. Polluted water isn’t just dirty- it’s deadly. According to a survey done by the FFPL team, the water quality in Wadu Zilha Parishad school was not as per the drinking water standards. The source of that drinking water was from a well, the sample of the same was taken to a lab for testing and as per the lab report, it had higher Sulphate content which is not safe for consumption. A higher concentration of Sulphate in water leads to dehydration in infants and children. FFPL contributed three water tanks of 10,000 Liters capacity along with an R.O. Water Purifier. The school Authority proposed to take care of its regular maintenance.

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign

Fleetguard Filters Pvt Ltd has taken an initiative towards educating the underprivileged girls along with their mothers about the importance of menstrual cycle and feminine hygiene.

Women Empowerment

  •   Objective – To identify and execute strategies that will allow improving economic status, well-being, and quality of life of women in the surrounding communities. (Nearby factory locations)
  •   Need analysis – Surveys were conducted using a well-designed questionnaire.
  •   Universe – 86 women from Nandur Village (age group – 15 to 65 years)
  •   Key Problem identified – Lack of Health awareness
  •   Solution – Organize health awareness and health checkup sessions.
  •   Phases
    · Phase I – Awareness Session
    · Phase II – HB test and Q & A session
    · Phase III – Health check-up
  • The health checkup was conducted in Ashirwad Hospital, Uruli Kanchan. Below tests were conducted –
    · Preliminary Cervical Cancer check up
    · Preliminary Breast Cancer check up
    · HB test
    · Sugar test
  • Session attendants – 136 Women. Few women (18) were provided with consultation and medicines who’s preliminary Cervical & Breast cancer tests were negative but needed primary attention for probable symptoms

Hospital Equipment Installation

In past Rural Hospital at Yawat near Nandur factory, fumigated the OT (operation theatre) 12 hours before surgery using some chemicals like formalin and potassium permanganate. These chemicals are found to be carcinogenic. FFPL has installed a new Operation Theatre Fumigator (Arokit) to this hospital. With this machine, the OT gets ready within 4 hours and doctors can do multiple surgeries in one day.

Sneh Sambandh

An Initiative to Connect with our Mechanics

In our constant endeavor to connect with our mechanics to help them grow personally and professionally, we have developed an initiative named “Sneh-Sambandh”. Under this initiative, we plan to build a closer emotional connect with the mechanic fraternity and their families and going forward to recognize their individual contribution to our field and the Fleetguard brand.

We are facilitating the first activity in this direction, which is providing free tetanus injections to mechanics & their helpers. We took this as a proactive decision of taking the doctor to the mechanics instead of waiting for the mechanics to go to the doctor in this ‘Injection Drive’. We have arranged to provide 20185 tetanus injections to mechanics and their helpers till March 2019.

Currently, Fleetguard is working on rolling out other beneficial activities not only for mechanics and their helpers but also for their family members.

Blood Test & Blood Donation

Conducting blood tests of school students

Blood related emergencies are a frequent occurrence, especially in rural places. Our efforts to combat this menace in our small way resulted in Blood Testing and Blood Donation Camps.

Sujal Abhiyaan

Providing clean drinking facilities at schools

Clean water is important for a disease-free childhood. This insight made us take up an initiative to provide clean drinking facilities in schools.

Joy of Giving

This project has always received an extraordinary response from Fleetguard. This particular activity starts around Diwali time when our associates jointly and open-heartedly contribute daily utility items, groceries, clothes, gifts and donations for underprivileged citizens.

Our PAN India associates have participated and contributed towards the ‘Joy of Giving’ initiative.