Women Empowerment

  •   Objective – To identify and execute strategies that will allow improving economic status, well-being, and quality of life of women in the surrounding communities. (Nearby factory locations)
  •   Need analysis – Surveys were conducted using a well-designed questionnaire.
  •   Universe – 86 women from Nandur Village (age group – 15 to 65 years)
  •   Key Problem identified – Lack of Health awareness
  •   Solution – Organize health awareness and health checkup sessions.
  •   Phases
    · Phase I – Awareness Session
    · Phase II – HB test and Q & A session
    · Phase III – Health check-up
  • The health checkup was conducted in Ashirwad Hospital, Uruli Kanchan. Below tests were conducted –
    · Preliminary Cervical Cancer check up
    · Preliminary Breast Cancer check up
    · HB test
    · Sugar test
  • Session attendants – 136 Women. Few women (18) were provided with consultation and medicines who’s preliminary Cervical & Breast cancer tests were negative but needed primary attention for probable symptoms