Niranjan Kirloskar

Managing Director
'Develop a Win-Win Attitude'

Mr. Niranjan Kirloskar is the Managing Director of Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) since March 2002. Strategic planning, finance, collaboration and joint ventures are his strongholds. He gets the best out of people by developing and strengthening the strategy teams. He believes when the vision and processes are clear, it helps people to focus on […]

Sanjay Kulkarni

'Being honest and upfront always pays in the long run.'

Mr. Sanjay Kulkarni with over 25 years of experience holds the position of President at Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL). He is focused and ambitious while maintaining his amiable persona. His enterprising and extrovert personality has played a key role in building, guiding and retaining high-performance teams to develop and implement strategies for accelerated growth. […]


Vijay Gokhale

Executive Vice President (Sales)
'Doing things that need to be done and not doing things that don’t need to be done.'
- Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt

Mr. Vijay Gokhale joined Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) in 2001 as GM-Marketing and currently holds the position of Executive Vice President (Sales) at Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL). He has remarkable experience of over 35 years in marketing management & operations. He brings creativity and innovation to his management style. He is of the […]