Niranjan Kirloskar

Managing Director
'Develop a Win-Win Attitude'

Mr. Niranjan Kirloskar is the Managing Director of Fleetguard Filters Private Limited (FFPL) since March 2002. Strategic planning, finance, collaboration and joint ventures are his strongholds. He gets the best out of people by developing and strengthening the strategy teams. He believes when the vision and processes are clear, it helps people to focus on the goal. Business verticals such as market development, quality control and manufacturing interest him the most.

Niranjan is always open, passionate and enthusiastic about new business approaches and ideas. He has been the biggest supporter of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) that delivered Fleetguard a robust growth and even increased its market share by a significant amount during the severe recession period. He is driven by results, is self-motivated and ambitious about taking FLEETGUARD to greater heights. Employee welfare projects see him eagerly involved, as he thinks every company is defined by the people it hires to serve its customers. His gregarious nature and win-win attitude are hard to miss.

Niranjan is a Law graduate and has successfully practiced in the Bombay High Court for several years as an advocate.