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With more than three decades of expertise within the filtration industry, Fleetguard is considered as one of the most trusted resources for tailor-made solutions to filtration problems. At Fleetguard, we live by our brand value by providing timely availability, durability and the shortest lead time for new product development, and most importantly, reliability through our modus operandi. In short, the ever-flourishing business relations are the ultimate token of appreciation for our products, and so for us.

  • Air Filtration

    Clean air for effective engine performance.

    Intake of contaminated (dust and dirt) air causes engine wear, reduced performance, and expensive maintenance. That is the reason why air filtration is a must amongst the most basic requirements for effective engine performance.

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  • Fuel Filtration

    Protect your engine from the bad effects of dirty fuel.

    Even with the development of cleaner burning fuels, contaminants are still a big concern. Inefficient fuel filtration can lead to wear of injector components, over fuelling, deposits, increased nozzle wear, reduced performance and a drop in fuel efficiency. In today’s stringent government emission norms and economy, this is a bigger challenge than ever before.

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  • Air Oil Separators

    FLEETGUARD – FILTRUM designs and manufactures Air Oil Separators (AOS) specific to application requirement in rotary screw compressors.These separators are available in spin on and cartridge configurations.

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  • Lube Filtration

    Healthy lubrication system for healthy engine life.

    The development of more and more sophisticated engines and the need for meeting higher emission standards, are two of the most important factors why finer and synthetic oils are also being developed.

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  • Crankcase Ventilation

    For optimal engine performance and to support emissions regulations compliance, your diesel engine blow-by should contain minimal oil aerosol before directing it to the atmosphere (open) or routing to the engine air intake air system (closed).

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  • Coolants & Chemicals

    Coolants help you maintain engine-health

    Wear and tear happens with each start and stop of an engine/equipment and over a period this becomes significant. Fleetguard Coolant Filters protect your engine by trapping contaminants and the slow release coolant pellets recharge the cooling system by distributing supplemental coolant additives into the cooling system.

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  • Hydraulic Filtration

    Exceeding expectations each time and every time.

    Studies say that 75% of all mechanical failures can be linked to issues involving contamination in a system, that is why the demand for efficient hydraulic filters is on the rise.

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  • Filtrum Spares

    Filtrum has been servicing the Indian automotive industry for more than a decade. Since its inception, Filtrum has always offered best in class products and services of the next generation to address the complicated problems of the automotive industry. We are leading the Indian aftermarket by offering a diverse range of automotive spares and components which are best known for its quality and all-time availability.
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  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) also known as AUS 32, Adblue, is an aqueous solution of technical grade Urea (32.5%) and Deionized water (67.5%).
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