Persistently Driven Towards Excellence

R & D

Research & Development contributes to a company’s success in numerous ways. The world solely moves on scientific inventions and discoveries that take years of effort before revealing the outcome, therefore R & D becomes extremely important in making an organization future ready. At Fleetguard, research units are engaged in research projects striving for technological advancements on existing and base technologies, which will reap competitive benefits for the sustainable development of the company’s core business and next-generation green inventions. Our team of professionals thoroughly oversees and unceasingly thrives on giving their best to our customers and to the environment. The Drawing and Design center and Proto Development & Validation center of our R&D unit are registered with Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

ALD (Analysis Led Design)

Virtual Modeling and simulation of performance is the key step in any product design. Analysis Led Design (ALD) tools developed in Fleetguard achieves this goal by design and performance evaluation, captured from the voice of the customer. There are two main steps required in any design evolution, which are the “validation step” and the “verification step”. To ensure quality and reliability of products, the verification step becomes an integral part of the product development. A big concern in the verification step is the perceived cost and time.

Virtual modeling is the only way that helps in cutting down the lead time and cost drastically. Qualified staff and expert engineers meticulously run through multiple build-and-test hardware prototype cycles to verify key design factors like performance, stress, and fatigue life. These ensure high quality and greater reliability of products.