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At Fleetguard, we encourage our associates to reach their goals along with the goals of the company. We support individual development with broader responsibilities. Being a leading manufacturing company, it is imperative for us to develop and update the skills of our employees at every level.

We believe that it is our associates who are behind our growth. That is why we strive to build a strong and motivated team through employee satisfaction and adherence to integrity.

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Employee Testimonial

Happy Employees Build a Successful Company

It would be easy for us to tell you what life is like at Fleetguard and why you would love to be part of a legacy of trust and a culture of continuous improvement, but we thought it would be better to let some of our employees tell it to you themselves.

Manoj Narute
Satyasheel Borwankar
Ashvini Sundaram
Nagraj Y.B
Prakash Mayachari

Work Culture

At Fleetguard, we take pride in nurturing a work culture that is transparent, process-driven, and employee-focused which seeks to provide ample opportunities to learn, to grow and enjoy in the process. Through various events and activities, we ensure that our employees interact, socialize and feel a great synergy with the workplace. We aim for a work-life balance that enriches lives and helps in the overall well-being of our employees.

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  • IP and Patent 1
  • Logistics 1
RLDA Analyst (Road Load Data Acquisition) View +
  • Location : Baner, Pune
  • Department : Analysis Led Design
  • Qualification : BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience : 2-5 years
Roles & Responsibilities
  • To receive the measured data from field and store it properly..
  • To receive the measured data from field and store it properly.
  • To analyse the field measurements and make reports in ppt.
  • To correlate the engine RPMs, vibration signals and noise signals
  • To create accelerated test specifications for the parts under study
  • Knowledge  of  Vibration Basics
  • Knowledge of Sensors
  • Knowledge of Glyphworks, nCode
  • Knowledge of Signal Analysis, Signal Processing with preferably automotive Background
Customer Account Manager-Logistics (PAN India) View +
  • Department : Logistics OE
  • Location : Field (at Customer end)
  • Experience: 7-10 years
  • Qualification : Diploma (Mechanical)
  • Age :28-36
Roles & Responsibilities
  • To get production plan from the Planner at the customer end
  • To gather information from Planner/Buyer with regard to variations in monthly / weekly/Daily plans
  • To get schedules from buyer (down load from e-portal or email from buyer)
  • To handle order management for MTS (Make to Stock)/MTO Make to Order) parts.
  • To handle CQC (Customer Quality Complaint)
  • To ensure GRN / GIN / acknowledgment receipt is made / issued against each invoice delivered
  • Manufacturing process
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Buffer Management
  • Oracle system
  • CQC handling
Design Engineer (Plastics) View +
  • Location : Baner, Pune
  • Department : Engineering
  • Qualification : BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience : 4-8 years
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Design of plastic Components
  • Agreement on design concept with Technical Marketing and Engineering
  • Work on new Enquiry/NPD project  as per PLM process flow
  • Review existing available solutions and new and select the right one
  • To design required components as per performance parameters
  • To generate error free drawings
  • Designing the product with DFMEA and Design calculation and agreed DVP
  • Submission of model and drawing to Customer
  • Fitment sign off with Customer
  • Fitment check of proto with Customer
  • Sign off with Customer
  • Basic engineering
  • Basic of engine
  • PRO-e/Creo
  • Manufacturing process(Sheet metal, plastic)
  • Quality process
IP Analyst View +
  • Department : Intellectual Property
  • Location : Baner, Pune
  • Qualification : BE(Mechanical) Mandatory
  • Experience : 2-5 yrs
  • Age : 24 – 33
Roles & Responsibilities
  • To do FTO (Freedom To Operate) Search
  • To do Patentability Search
  • To do Patent Drafting
  • Basics of patenting (what can be patented or what cannot be patented)
  • Knowledge of Indian IP system & Patents Act 1970 as modified from time to time
  • Product knowledge (specific to the filtration industry for automobiles)
  • Knowledge of Case Laws on DOE (Doctrine of Equivalence), Prosecution History Estoppel
  • Knowledge of different patent drafting formats
  • Knowledge of EP, US and Indian style of drafting
  • Knowledge of drafting claims for design applications
Project Engineer for Dharwad projects View +
  • Location : Baner, Pune(travelling to Dharwad if required)
  • Qualification : BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience : 10-15yrs
Roles & Responsibilities
  • Understand CSR and arrive at Customer due date
  • Prepare plan to meet customer due date
  • Monitoring the existing process for cost and stability
  • Identifying and monitoring critical controls of existing process for stability
  • Study and evaluation of new process for same type of product/work
  • Calculation of cost – capability of new process
  • Gathering information for stability of new process
  • Development of new machine/ equipment / process as per control plan – with POKAYOKE
  • Monitoring the new process for cost and stability, develop alternate process
  • Understanding of tolerances and dimensioning, fits
  • Basic knowledge of process required for producing filters
  • Basic knowledge of fixtures, materials, cutting tools
  • PFMEA / Control plan
  • SPC
Test Engineer View +
  • Department : R & D
  • Location : Nandur
  • Qualification :BE (Mechanical)
  • Experience :1-5 yrs
  • Age :25 – 34
Roles & Responsibilities
  • To discuss the Test Report and Test Objective and add comments on the test request accordingly
  • To make test setup according to test standards
  • To observe where the test is not giving correct results and elevate to the concerned HoD
  • To record the test results and cross check with all the past available results/products
  • To get the acknowledgement for the test results from the requestor and close the loop
  • Test stand awareness
  • Awareness of Test Request Form and its contents
  • Awareness of International standard and Work Instruction/SOP for relevant test stands
  • Product knowledge and treatability of samples as per NABL clause
  • Periodic and preventive Maintenance knowledge of test stand