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An incredible combination that works for all.

I am very pleased to write a blog for the first time and equally excited about the re-launch of our corporate website. Naturally, this being the first occasion, I decided to select a topic which will draw congruence in to the learning I had from some exceptional personalities to date in my career. My topic is trust. With the intensifying & in-depth knowledge of the subject; they conquered every mountain of obstacles and marched towards their goals. I am mentioning few of their qualities below in my blog which I adore the most. It helped me in my professional and personal life too.  So, I thought, why not to share it with you all through this new platform of communication!

My first professional mentor was Mr Arun Kirloskar.  Mr. Arun Kirloskar, (fondly known as Arun Saheb) is one the founder member of Fleetguard Filters Private Limited.  When I started working under him, he always talked about one thing i.e. trusting your own people. Here, People mean everyone associated with the Organisation.  Whenever you give any critical work assignment to an associate; you must follow one rule i.e. 'Cross check & Trust'.  Yes!  “ Cross-check & Trust.”   

Mr Kirloskar explained the reason behind this in detail - ‘ We often tend to ignore the assumptions with which we try to do our assignments and therefore, many a time we face surprises which could result into 'missing of deadlines and timely deliveries'. So, checking the assumptions and progress in parallel could help you save on time and meeting due date of deliveries.’  I still follow this practice and trust me; it saved me from failing on deadlines in most of the situations.  If you are interacting with me for any assignment; I am sure, you would have realized this in a much better way by now, ain't you?


The second Persona, I would love to talk about is Dr Eli Goldratt. The founder, father of ‘Theory of Constraints' (TOC). You will see him almost on every wall of Fleetguard. He’s with us every time. Well, the reason why I admired him is he critically studied the pain points of organisations that eventually led to the damages to the organisational body. When I started studying TOC and interacted with Dr Goldratt, I realized that he often put stress on “Intertia Attitudes” which mean we take things ‘for granted’ or assume that our discoveries/solutions are simply unbeatable in nature. Here, TOC flags warnings for the organisation.  Over the time after studying TOC in depth and human thinking process, I realized that ‘trusting something which is not trustworthy’ is the critical barrier against organisational development and hence, eliminating inertia from the mind of your business associates is one of the crucial steps toward organisational progress. It has shown excellent results.

Lastly, I will talk about ‘Sage Patanjali.'When I read about Sage Patanjali and his guidelines on performing Yoga; I literally got influenced by his persuasions of  ‘Yog as a tool to eliminate errors of perception and identify the current reality.’  Our sense organs create a false impression /perception of the reality on our mind which may be deceptive in nature at most of the time.

Sage Patanjali puts focus on our 'sense organs' through a tool called as 'Samyama' [discrimination] - 'A technique that interprets the limitations of human sense organs.' It helps to eliminate errors of perception and identify the current reality as is.

Down the line, I realized that Arun Saheb, Dr Elli Goldratt and Sage Patanjali actually believed in and practiced the same fundamentals in their life, in their own unique way. Following their learning, I am aiming to bring 'reliability' in me as a being. I thus can be more and more trustworthy eventually and over the years.   With this, I am ending my first blog. However, every end is actually a new beginning.

Hope you all agree?
See you soon.
Best Regards,
Sadashiv Pandit

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