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Importance and Working of Coolants in Heavy Duty Vehicles

28 Nov 2018 / Product

Engine Coolant is a generic term used to describe fluids that remove excess heat from engine. An integral part of all HDV engines, the engine coo...

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How a Fuel Filter Can Impact The Life of an Engine

07 Dec 2018 / Product

A fuel filter is an integral part of the fuel system. Fuel filter ensures that only clean fuel, bereft of dirt, debris, and other contaminants, is sup...

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Contamination Control in Hydraulic Systems

15 Jan 2019 / Product

Around 75% of all system failures can be attributed to the contamination in the hydraulic system besides human error. As such, proper filtration and m...

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The Importance of Lube Oil and Lube Oil Filtration Technique...

22 Jan 2019 / Product

Lubricants or lube oils are the lifeblood of every ‘oil-wetted’ machinery. Such is the importance that an engine cannot practically work without t...

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Engine Coolants Basics and Its Classification

22 Feb 2019 / Product

Engine coolant is used to remove heat produced by the engine and transfer it into the cooling system. The coolant receives the heat and circulates it...

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Hydraulic Systems & The Need for Fluid Filtration

28 Feb 2019 / Product

A hydraulic system is a complex network of valves, hoses, components, and piping, all of which are typically found in hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic s...

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Maintenance of Diesel Engine Coolant Systems

29 Mar 2019 / Product

It is estimated that the failure of an engine coolant system is one of the key factors for the engine downtime. The diesel engines today emit more hea...

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Fleetguard Coolants – Keep Your Engine Cool

16 Feb 2024 / Product

Is your vehicle's engine experiencing heightened temperatures and signs of struggling? It clearly indicates that your vehicle’s critical components...

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